Why Should the Traditional Enterprises Need to Transform in the Internet

Why Should the Traditional Enterprises Need to Transform in the Internet

Why Should the Traditional Enterprises Need to Transform in the Internet

2015 is a year of traditional business life and death. This is April 25, Wu Xiaobo in Shenzhen Intercontinental Hotel to the traditional business left a profound big proposition. The Internet will be the traditional enterprise to create a fundamental, conceptual and systemic impact. Traditional enterprises from the product innovation, technology iteration, communication mode, talent structure, capital recruiting and even the organizational system, and no one is facing reconstruction and remodeling. In the next five years, it is likely that half of the past winners will not be able to cross this “big transformation”, which will be a coercive phase-out.

Internet + is not a marketing change, but an ecological revolution

I believe many people have seen the “Chinese partner” this movie, the film is telling Yu Minhong to build a new Oriental story, inspired a lot of entrepreneurs, but many people do not know when the film release, the new East is experiencing a thrilling The stock depreciation, the company layoffs. Once the scenery infinite, inspired batch after batch of entrepreneurs. Why the final will fall into such an industry cycle, is Yu Minhong problem, or the new East a problem? In-depth analysis, we will find that the whole external environment changes, but the new East can not be timely on the market environment to make changes.
10 years ago, the new East rely on a strong English education ability and China’s most efficient new Oriental teacher management system burst red, become a lot of learning English people’s education paradise. But 10 years later today, there has been a free online English education system, simulated English dialogue, or real education system. No need to go out, you can learn, save time and convenient. Fully in line with the Internet era of new choice.
New Oriental has a high quality teacher to make first-class teaching program, so the value of the new East core did not disappear, the lack of a core value will become more of the Internet era of the product.
Keep up with the trend of large data, complete the technology upgrade

New Oriental is a traditional enterprise, the reform is imminent, or will become the product of the Internet era was eliminated. With the ability to produce a super-class teaching program, which is the core value of the new East, then the new East need to be a value of this unlimited platform, which is “Internet +” in the addition. New Oriental is the lack of an online interactive education platform, you can choose to cooperate with technical service providers, such as interactive recording and broadcasting in the field of online interaction known for ezTalks cooperation, build the domestic first-class online education online recording platform, students can also be online Interactive, perfect to build the network classroom, which is the new Oriental to do the addition, with a strong platform with high-quality education courses, strong together, is bound to become an industry model.

Imagine the new Oriental teachers to upload high-quality teaching content, students do not need to travel all the way to Beijing, Shanghai and other places will be able to learn teacher courses, ezTalks interactive recording and broadcasting products can be online communication, so that teachers and students thousands of miles Can also face to face communication. At the same time New Oriental through ezTalks interactive recording and broadcasting products to establish curriculum resources database, so that the education team more elite.
If the above is only a wish, then the congress in the congress because of the crown for the idea to provide a perfect example. All the chips themselves are not much new ideas, the crown was able to succeed because the conference is a super-class Internet conference, which is its core value. But the 9000 dollars of tickets do make a lot of people discouraged, if only need to provide 18 yuan, you can get a live recording, most people are willing. This is the core value of the Internet sharing. Assuming that the conference and ezTalks cooperation video remote broadcast, so that more people participate in the online live broadcast to watch, online communication with Wu Xiaobo, complete a line from the line to the line closed. So the operation, the crown of the public is not successful.

No technology to upgrade the Internet transformation is a “death of the road”, the first internal organization of the flexible transformation, and then followed by large data to keep up with the technological progress of the iteration, so that China does not have traditional industries, some are endless Innovation and old mode of a decisive battle.

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