Can a cat swim?

Can a cat swim? There is a cute cat at home. I don't know whether it will swim. Before reading a paragraph, cats like to eat fish. But cats can't swim. Cats know that cats are not so scared. Water, if you want the cat to swim, you can teach it through training. Xiaobian from Pet Network will tell you today whether the cat can swim or how the cat is trained to swim.

 Can a cat swim?

 If the cat can swim, does it need to catch fish regularly in the river? The kittens in the family are very cute. They can't see if they can swim in the life. If the owner wants it to swim, he needs to train.

 The survey found that the earliest domestic cats were found in the Egyptian desert. Essentially, cats and water are not related. But from the cat's time, let it touch the water, and train it to learn to swim. Then when the cat grows up, it can adapt to the water.

 Some parents said that cats will not automatically swim in the water. But if it is thrown into the water, does it drown it? In fact, the instinct of self-rescue makes it swim in the water and plunge to the shore. Its swimming posture is also very interesting, the swimming style used is "dog-type."

 In fact, in surveying known cat breeds, not all of these cats are afraid of water. There are also many cats who are completely afraid of water. Of course, these cats have been living near the water since childhood. They have been exposed to water since they were young and they like to use water instead of fear. For example, in Southeast Asia, there is a kind of cat that can not only catch rats, but also easily cross the shallow depressions, but also swim to catch fish.

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