Dog terrified performance Dog terrified about what?

Dog terrified performance Dog terrified about what?

Dogs were afraid of the performance. After we raised our pets, our lives were more fun. When we started keeping pets, we didn't understand it well. It was fun and its fear we didn't know. Actually, the dog's performance. Can help you understand its emotions, happiness does not matter, once you are afraid of fear, it is easy to make unusual things, let me tell you about the dog's fear of performance and what the dog is afraid of.

 Dog terrified performance Dog terrified about something

 After the dog is afraid of what kind of performance it will make more exciting things, as the master, we need to understand what the dog is afraid of, so as not to stimulate the dog.

 The dog is generally afraid to hide in the corner, a little shaken, the tail is unshakable, and there is no lively, not dare to move... Observing its eyes, the eyes of excitement, ease, and fear are all different. of.

 What is the dog afraid of?

 When the period of socialization has passed, if a dog is particularly afraid of humans and cannot cope with the same problem, he is suffering from a “kennel syndrome” and suffers from different symptoms because of varying degrees of intensity.

 1, the dog is terrible

 Some dogs have been brought up by humans since they were born. When they grow up, they feel like they are terrible. Because puppies live alone in a small kennel and deal with their owners every day, it is unclear how dogs and dogs get along. And not only dogs, as long as the world outside the master feels terrible.

 2, people are terrible

 Some dogs have lived with their mother and dog since childhood, and have never been in contact with each other. Dogs that grow up like this will be particularly afraid of humans. At some point, once the dog has once learned the experience of human beings, it may also be the reason why it fears humans.

 3. The living creatures other than dogs and dogs are terrifying

 Dogs that grew up playing with their owners and other dogs do not fear humans and companions, but they fear everything except human beings and the like. This is because their communication surfaces are too narrow to accept unrecognized animals.

 4, all scared

 In the room or in the dog kennel, dogs living without stimulation are not only afraid of other dogs or cats, but even their owners. Such a dog does not have any knowledge and experience of the outside world and cannot survive on its own.

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